Booking Info – Smage Bros Riding Shows

For booking info contact Phil Smage @ or or Octabrook Entertainment

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A video sample of our stunt show:

“>Smage Bros. IMS Long Beach from 60″>ShotMakerProductions on Vimeo.

For booking info contact Phil Smage @


Phil and Pat Smage are The Smage Bros., two motorcycle-riding brothers from a farm in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. This riding duo developed their love of motorcycles from their parents, who first met at a racetrack. Growing up, the brothers were taught by their parents how to ride. Finding they had both similar talents and a love for performing, the two formed the trick-riding group, The Smage Bros.   Recently the group performed on America’s Got Talent and finished impressively in the top 5.  This tells us that America likes our unique bike stunt shows.  They also toured with the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) for for their 2011-2012 season and drew in large crowds.



“It’s difficult to jump over rocks with a trials motorcycle. It’s even more difficult to jump over a human head without crushing it. Check out these insane trials motorcycle stunts. These guys put on a great motorcycle stunt show!”


Motorcycle Trials, which is also called Observed Trials is a non-speed competition on special lightweight motorcycles built for jumping and climbing. To win a trials motorcycle competition, you have to navigate an obstacle course on your trials motorcycle without touching the ground with your feet. Motorcycle trials competition is very popular in Spain and the United Kingdom. Specialized Trials Motorcycle manufacturers are Gas Gas, Montesa, Honda, Beta, Sherco, and Scorpa.


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  2. This is a 2 day show Sat and Sunday

  3. We have a event in august and are looking for something to add to the event. The dates I would be looking at would be August 5 and 6 We are in Kansas City on I 70. You guys were at the Arena Cross at Hale Arena is where we saw you.
    Dennis Shrout
    Valley Speedway

  4. Mark Good says:

    Great meeting you this week Phil…had a good time even though it was short. Travis’ visits with us are always that way….lol…All the best to you and your goats my friend…live large !

    Markie Mark…lol

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