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Smagical was created by professional action sports athlete

Phil Smage


 As Phil traveled the U.S. competing, he picked up a camera and started documenting his trips. Once Phil, and younger brother Pat, started doing well nationally, the idea popped up for a video series. Fast-forward to the present day, if Phil isn’t in front of the lens, he’s behind it.

The Goat, Wilbur, and Snowskating

Whats up with the goat? As you might have noticed, the Smagical logo is that of a goat head. This began early on at Smagical Acres (the Smage Family Farm). The family’s pet goat, Wilbur, would chase Pat, Phil, and older brother David around on their BMX bikes, mimicking their tricks. Eventually Wilbur upped his skills to include backflips. Once this happened it was apparent that Wilbur was something special. Shortly after, Wilbur started following Phil around on his snowskate, landing in many of his video shots. People started to take notice in the snowskate sponsor videos that Phil put out. This led to a sponsorship with Premier Snowskates. After years on the AM team, Phil got bumped up to Pro. The next goal, was a Pro Model Snowskate. Andy Wolf, the owner of Premier and creator of the sport of snowskating, made a bet with Phil that if he could hardflip over a cow on his farm, that he would give him a pro model. Smagical Acres hasnt had cows for years so this led to Phil doing a trick over the top of Wilbur for his first pro model snowskate. Wilbur has been featured on every Pro Model Phil has had since the very first one.


  Rad Grandma Smage


The creator of Smagical Acres, Rad Grandma, still takes part in the craziness.  When it comes time to whip out the pitbikes, 4 wheelers, snowmobiles, or snowskates, Rad Granny is the first one to throw down.  Her first big break in film came with her 2 stroke vs. 4 stroke pitbike video from Smagical 1.  She followed that up with a solid showing in Smagical 2’s, “Rad Grandmas’ ATV Endurocross” segment, that had Grandpa Smage both confused and shocked.  What will she come up with for SA3?  No one knows for sure as the only thing certain with this “Radical Grandmother” is certified entertainment.


The eye of the goat

Trick Karl.

"I can scrub for dayssss"

The new babies at Smagical Acres! 2012





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