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AMA/NATC Nationals Begin!

Friday, April 30th, 2010
Pat practicing for the Nationals

Pat practicing for the Nationals

Tomorrow will mark the opening round of the AMA/NATC Trials Nationals.  All the talk is on the Pro class with bike changes, new faces, and a world competitor in the mix.  Smagical 2 star Cody Webb switched up his program and is now riding for Gas Gas.  Returning Champion Patrick Smage is fresh off his victory at the WTC event in Portugal, so the level of confidence he is riding with shall be hard to match.  Check back after the weekend to see if Cody can take his new bike and balance it on the top step of the podium, or if trials riding machine Pat Smage is going to try and do it Carmichael-style and sweep the whole year.  Best of luck to the two Smagical Adventurers and the rest of the riders competing this weekend in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

Cody getting aquainted with the new Gas Gas

Cody getting aquainted with the new Gas Gas

Smagical Injury List Grows…

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


The injury list keeps growing, as everyone is hastily preparing for the season.  Smagical 2 credits holeshotter Cody Behrens, fresh into his “A” class debut, is the most recent rider to join the injured reserve.  Cody came up short on a jump, badly spraining both his ankles.  With walking out of the question, the only motos in his near future are on MX Reflex.   Cody would like to thank his sponsors: Novik Gloves, MSR, Spy, DVS, FMF, and TZR Racing.  Everyone at wishes Cody a quick recovery!

Sa3 Teaser Shot

Monday, April 26th, 2010


Smagical 3 star Pat Smage

Smagical 3 star Pat Smage

Here is a teaser shot from SA3: Smagical Acres.   Pat doing what he does best, blow minds.  We also wanted to say congrats to Pat on his amazing display of riding this past weekend in Portugal.  WTG Pat!

Pat on top, Day 2, Portugal

Sunday, April 25th, 2010
First win of the year!

First win of the year!

After missing the win by such a small margin yesterday, due to time, Pat kept his sherco pinned and finished in a brisk 2 hours and 10 minutes.  He managed to keep his scorecard clean and that landed him on the top of the podium.  With the win he also moved into the points lead ahead of Spain’s Alfredo Gomez.  A huge congrats to the Smagical star for his amazing riding overseas.  Next up…the U.S. Nationals begin…

Event Results-Portugal, Day 2

1. Patrick Smage – 0
2. Guillaume Laniel – 6 (28 cleans)
3. Emil Gyllenhammar – 6 (26 cleans)
4. Benoit Dagnicourt – 7 (27 cleans)
5. Luca Cotone – 7 (25 cleans)
6. Jack Challoner – 9
7. Alfredo Gomez – 10 (28 cleans)
8. Francesc Moret – 10 (26 cleans)
9. Maxime Warenghein – 10 (24 cleans)
10. Alexandre Ferrer – 12
11. Pere Borrellas – 14
12. Matteo Cominoli – 15
13. Jan Peters – 16
14. Jonathan Richardson – 17
15. Tanguy Mottin – 18

Series Points

1. Partrick Smage – 47
2. Alfredo Gomez – 46
3. Alexandre Ferrer – 39
4. Francesc Moret – 36
5. Jack Challoner – 33
6. Benoit Dagnicourt – 30
7. Guillaume Laniel – 26
8. Pere Borrellas – 23
9. Emil Gyllenhammar – 19
10. Maxime Warengheim – 17
11. Ivan Peydro – 16
12. Jonathan Richardson – 16
13. Luca Cotone – 15
14. Tanguy Mottin – 10
15. Jan Peters – 10

A Smagical Ride from Pat in Portugal!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010
Pat in Training

Pat in Training

Smagical Star Patrick Smage is at it again.  This weekend in Portugal Pat put his factory Sherco at the front of the field in what was the closest trials in recent memory.  Pat tied Spainard Alfredo Gomez, Montesa, with a clean scorecard.  Unfortunately, Pat was bumped down to second due to time.  A minute and a half difference in the riders overall event time was the deciding factor for the victory.  A huge congratulations goes out from everyone at for Pats ride.  Keep making the USA proud!

1. Alfredo Gomez – 0 (30 cleans, 0x1, 0x2, 0x3, 0x5 – wins on fastest time)
2. Patrick Smage – 0 (30 cleans, 0x1, 0x2, 0x3, 0x5)
3. Francesc Moret – 2
4. Alexandre Ferrer – 5 (29 cleans)
5. Ivan Peydro – 5 (26 cleans, 3×1, 1×2, 0x3, 0x5 – fastest time)
6. Pere Borrellas – 5 (26 cleans, 3×1, 1×2, 0x3, 0x5)
7. Guillaume Laniel – 5 (25 cleans)
8. Jack Challoner – 7
9. Jonathan Richardson – 10 (26 cleans)
10. Benoit Gagnicourt – 10 (24 cleans)
11. Jan Peters – 11
12. Maxim Warenghein – 13 (25 cleans)
13. Gianlucu Tournour (Guest rider) – 13 (23 cleans)
14. Matteo Cominoli – 14
15. Matteo Poli – 16

Wilbur Lands in Spain!

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
Wilbur has landed in Spain

Wilbur has landed in Spain

Smagical Trials Madman Pat Smage recently flew overseas for the opening round of the FIM World Trials Championships.  After taking much time off of the series with lots of cracks in his back…he came back a bit rusty.  He did manage to get back into the swing of things during the day and come out with a 6th place finish, just a few points out of 5th.  Pat will stay overseas for this weekends event in Portugal.  Check back for an update after the event.  Best of luck to Pat on his quest to put USA back on the map in Trials.

Smagical Injury List

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
With no goats currently at Smagical Acres, it has been a tough time for Smagical shredders everywhere. This last week saw two Smagical riders retreat to the injury list. AMA Supercross points leader Ryan Villopoto crashed while leading the St. Louis SX, breaking his Tib/Fib. He had surgery to set the bones in place, but will require another surgery before the healing process can begin. The Smagical crew was on hand at the SX and witnessed the crash. Needless to say, everyone was thankful that the injuries weren’t even more severe. Get well soon RV2!
RV2 with SA2, good comboooo

RV2 with SA2, good comboooo

 Smagical Ringleader Phil Smage is also out for a while.  He took a few slams while out filming some snowboarding in Colorado and broke his collar bone. It looks like he will miss the opening round of the AMA/NATC Trials Nationals, but will be good to go in time for the remaining rounds and the Maxxis Endurocross Series.

Icing the break at Breck in the CO sun

Icing the break at Breck in the CO sun

USASA Nationals Video

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Enjoy a quaint video documenting the USASA Nationals. Put together by Sir Marty Martola, quite the skillful lad.

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“>A National Experience from 48″>Kyle Martola on Vimeo.

Phil Smage Promo Edit—cliiiiiick.

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Here is Phil’s Promo edit…enjoy at least a good tune.

Ambition Snowskates Headquarters Edit

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Featuring in order of appearance: Rico Desjardins, Alan Gerlach, Guillaume Blais, Charles-Olivier Simard and Phil Smage. Check out for more!