Vegas EX crash Vid!

Click the link to check out Phil’s crash from vegas. ¬†Qualifier # 3, a few turns into the race…. ¬†

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  1. Tess and Becca says:

    Like we said. Those dirtbikes will bring you down to the ground LIKE AN EARTHWORM!!!! I hate to say this, but… WE TOLD YOU SOOOOO!!! Rex… dont forget our autographs from H’idalgo!!! WE LOVE YOU H’IDALGO!!!

  2. H'idalgo says:

    danm dang suckers. those bikes dont do scrabbit to you. only girl toys mess with you and make you think that. you need h’dalgo guys fo that sheeeee’t. when school boys go back to school, crashes in there brain happen from dopey teachers that teach dopey things. your rump is the size of the queens and twice as fragrant. trick karl and biggy smalls do tricks on there feet that no peeps can think of. like redonculas one footers that kill puplis in da eye scrotum. now now dont be down on rex wikid the 3rd he got abondend from is house bcuz he was doin to much of throwing up in vans and jonny law didnt like to see his check face. so dont be sorry but just be sorry. your hear?! “if we go to the bars, we will prolly go to the bars.” said from binz master of words. binz has been hop scotchin the oma’s. he only broke 10 bikes but thats how hard it is. so all of you fellas out there, this sheeittt is hard. binz is daa fastest handicapt rider there is so give him some props. whoot! whoot! phil gets in love with a lot of trees and gives the sexy time. but he gets back on the bike after the bark did the job and finishes the race. but he is a strong rider. okay tess and becca a million thats all i got to say bout these folks! you hear??

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