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Welcome to Vegas!

Welcome to Vegas!

So just as soon as the goat van left So Cal, we arrived in Vegas for the MMSX.  We roamed the pits in search of a pipe, air filter kit, jets, a hose clamp, or anything else that could make the bike faster, or at least run.  After a few strolls up and down the pit lanes, we came back with a hose clamp to hold our air filter on.  We couldn’t find  the rest so we tightened the filter on, threw some gas in the stocker and took the the track for qualifying.  


The 09 Mini Moto SX Track

The 09 Mini Moto SX Track

    Phil ended up qualifying 3rd fastest in his group for the MM12 Stock/Mod class.  It was clearly a struggle to get enough power out of the corners to get over most of the jumps on the track, and the bike took quite a beating in just a few laps.  The stocker came back to the pits sputtering and smoking, but still moving, so we all agreed that qualifying was a success.  

   Last years “Smagicross” champion, Grant Runkel, was also racing at MMSX this year.  Entering both the 10 and 12 inch Pro classes, Grant happened to have a spare bike on hand.  As soon as word spread on Grants parts bike, we had the pipe off it and installed on the clapped stocker.  The main began with Phil getting squeezed off the track on the start and came through the first corner near last place.  He put his head down and started a charge towards the front while the leaders checked out.  He charged back up to a top five finish, but fell short of making the podium.


The MM12Stock/Mod leaders pull away.

The MM12Stock/Mod leaders pull away. GuyB Photo

 This years edition of Mini Moto had newfound spice added to the mix, Jason Lawrence.  Notorious for both his on and off track antics in the AMA Supercross and AMA MX Nationals, JLaw brings an entertainment value to an event that can only be matched by Travis Pastrana.  


JLaw rolled into the arena in style

JLaw rolled into the arena in style. GuyB Photo

 Lawrence rode the 12″ Pro class.  Being an AMA national champion, JLaw was given a spot directly on the gate for the main.  He started mid pack, but quickly pushed his way towards the top three.  Once he had the top three in his sights is when the action really started.  He ended up turning the race into a smash fest.  The event went from a $15,000 professional race to a backyard brawl a matter of minutes.


JLaw, Browning, and Valade give the crowd some action. GuyB Photo

All eyes were on the block passing, brake checking antics of JLaw as he stole the show from the leaders.    Meanwhile, Smagical 2 athlete, Willy Browning had his CHP tuned 110 singing as he sliced his way through traffic after a poor start.  He struggled with passing on the tight confines of the Orleans Arena and was only able to make it up to 11th.


FMX Legend Mike Metzger charging in the Electric Bike Race.

FMX Legend Mike Metzger charging in the Electric Bike Race. GuyB Photo

A shout out to local ripper Kevin Popaeko for taking home podiums in three classes!   Also to minicycle madman, Brandon Pope, for making the 12″ Youth main and wearing the “Let JLaw Ride” tshirt in the finals.  Thanks to all the MMSX staff for putting on another great event and thanks to Steve Giberson at for the help with the photos.  Now its time to head  back to the midwest and load up the van for round two of the OMA Nationals next weekend in Kentucky.  Hopefully  this round I can manage to not hit any trees and keep all my bones un-cracked.

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