Cali Training, Leavittation Style.

551 Films is out in sunny California getting ready for the Maxxis Mini Moto SX. Armed with a stock KLX 110, a Sherco 290 trials bike, a KTM 200 XC, and a skateboard, myself and my mechanic, Rex “Wikid” Rosner, have been getting ourselves as prepared as possible for the biggest mini race on the planet. The days have been spent turning laps on the flat-track and figure 8 courses designed by the 1974 AMA/NATC Champion Lane Leavitt. Uncle Circe Racing and Leavitt brought a few of the Smagical gang to his stunt-pad in Santa Clarita, CA. After a day of trials riding today it is back to the pitbike to try and rangle a few extra horses “IE:make it run” out of the stocker in order to give it a chance against the crazy Vegas mod bikes. Then its time to jump off a building with some of hollywoods leading stunt men. If there are no more posts following this one, I missed the airbag on the way down.

2 Responses to “Cali Training, Leavittation Style.”

  1. Lane Leavitt says:

    Phil and Rex

    Thanks for coming and spending a few days with us guys, it was a pleasure having you two with us. Have a safe trip and good luck finding a mini moto ride out in Vegas.

    Little did I know, when I told you that coming to my house was like going to your granny’s. I simply didn’t realize how rad your granny was! I guess that coming to my house is really more like going to your great granny’s house instead.

    Remember Keep the faith, and keep your “ed up”!

  2. tess says:

    My brother Rex “wikid” Rosner is totally (almost) awesome.
    Although he is a wierd i still (kinda) like him.

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