Ambition Team Trip

I just got back from the first Ambition Team Trip. What a week. It started with an overnight trip up north to get some X treme grip, just making it to the airport on time for my flight. I flew out to Burlington, VT, where i was picked up at the airport by Nick Stefani and Josh Sequin. We headed back to Nicks apartment, they went out to get some footage while i got some sleep. For the next two days we filmed around VT, getting some shots at the Burton Snowboards factory and other Burlington spots. The rest of the U.S. team met at the house and we grabbed the 15 passenger Ambition rental van for the drive up to Montreal. We met up with the rest of the team at Emil Baron’s apartment and headed to the Montreal Skate plaza. We took about an hour or so do get rid of the 6 inches of ice that layered the park and started filming on a 4 flat 4, some ledges and boxes. After that we got some food and got the sleeping arangements set up. Day 2 was the Blainville skate plaza. The park was ideal for snowskating, with every feature you could ask for. Once again, we spent hours ice picking the park in order to ride. The first banger of the day went to Stefani with a nosepress down a down-flat-down ledge, followed by Emil Baron with a tailpress of epic porportions. For the night session we headed to Canadian Tire (for the 10th time) and picked up a new generator, (we fried the first one) We got it fired up and Alan Gerlach threw down a stylish 3 shov over the double set. Next up was the handrail…we set up the lights and Justin Majecksy, Alan Gerlach, and myself started the session. First we got a few stock tricks in the bag, then moved onto some more technical stuff. Although the runway was just crushed up ice on iced over concrete (the worst run up ive ever skated), we still managed to throw down. Justin got a few keeper shots on the rail, and alan nailed one as well. After picking ice and watching others skate most of the day i stacked up some footage on the rail to make up for the early part of the day. I skated the rail until about 1 AM, coming out with about 7 tricks on it…one or 2 of which hasnt been seen on a handrail yet. Alex B put up some incentives for us to step up the tricks that night, and a few of the riders left the park with some extra Canadian Greenbacks in their pockets (or should i say blue/purple/ect.) After that Alex took us out for a team dinner at mcdonalds around 2 AM, and i can honestly say that i never thought it was possible to spend 100$ at McDonalds, but then again, after this trip, i’m pretty sure nothing as far as snowskating goes will ever be seen as impossible again. Team Trip Part Two Coming Soon. Thanks for reading and have a rad winter.

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